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Waverly Heritage Days

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“Waverly Heritage Days started out as “Heritagefest” as an October celebration offering a car club show, German brats, brat pizza, German beer, potato pancakes and desserts, pumpkin carving, hay rides, craft sale, Nachwanderung (night hike), Wartburg’s athletics and Renaissance Fair, music and dancing attracting thousands. Heritagefest was later moved to mid-September. In 1995 the celebration was renamed “Waverly Heritage Days” and in 1996 it was moved to mid-July.

Throughout the years, hundreds of volunteers have helped host a variety of memorable activities, with the parade as the staple of the festival. Now, big bands entertain large crowds and fireworks light up the sky, giving the community more reasons to gather and celebrate. “

Campaign for School Board Candidate
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Hear The People

In all respects. you need to be heard. Not just heard; but truly listened to. You should have the right to provide your input at our public meetings.

Respect The People

Treating people with experience, training, and know-how with respect and dignity is a cornerstone for district management.

Advocate for The People

A school board can best advocate for its students if it also advocates for its teachers, coaches, parents, support staff, and every other community stakeholder.

Empower The People

You have a right to know what your school board is doing with your money, and the decisions they are making about your students’ future. Meetings should be well-publicized in advance and televised. Doug will recap these public meetings on his blog. PDFs of reports you’ve paid for will be easily available to you. “

College Hill Arts Festival

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The College Hill Arts Festival appreciates the continued support of our generous corporate sponsors and volunteers who contribute their time and effort to ensure a high quality Festival. In addition, the Festival is grateful for the tremendous support of the entire Cedar Valley and also our Special Patrons Program whose purchases exceeded $20,000 last year.

Complimenting the artists’ exhibits will be a variety of musical groups performing on stage; a hands-on creative activity for children sponsored by the Hearst Center for the Arts; and the Young Art Collectors Gallery which features original artwork created by exhibiting artists with prices of $10 or less and encourages children [ages 14 & under] to make independent choices about art. There will also be a variety of food vendors to entice Festival attendees. Picnic tables will be located near the food booth and the Performing Arts Stage.”


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